Fixed Braces

Fixed braces on the front of the teeth can come in the form of traditional metal or tooth coloured braces, using brackets and wires to align the teeth and correct the bite or in the form of cosmetic braces which tend to focus more on the ‘social six’ teeth at the front of the mouth.

Confidental Surbiton offers the very latest in brace technology, allowing patients to have a choice when it comes to methods for straightening their teeth. Whilst traditional braces still provide effective, but visible treatment that takes up to two years to complete, cosmetic braces provide a more discreet, comfortable and quicker alternative. Some cosmetic brace systems only take 4-6 months to work, albeit they focus solely on the visible teeth at the front of the mouth.

Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic braces are extremely discreet, offering a system similar to traditional braces; only the focus is on the teeth you can see when you smile and using components which are clear or tooth coloured. This makes for a much more comfortable teeth straightening experience for patients who may not want other people to know they are wearing braces.

On dates, at work, and in day-to-day social exchanges, wearing a metal brace can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience for some. Cosmetic braces allow patients to enhance their smile safe in the knowledge that the clear and tooth coloured brackets will not affect their speech or jaw position, and they will be barely visible to others.

Metal braces

Stainless Steel braces are the most popular braces worn by children and can have coloured elastic ties for a bit of fun! They are worn on the front surface of your teeth, are easy to fit and comfortable to wear. Some adults also opt for this when aesthetics of the brace are not an issue.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic brackets are tooth coloured low profile brackets that are also fitted on the front of the teeth with metal wires that are tied in with clear ties, although they are discreet they are still easy to fit discrete and aesthetically pleasing.

Beginning Your Journey To A Straighter Smile With Fixed Braces

If you want to have a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile using any of our fixed brace systems, the very first step will be an assessment. This assessment is a chance for us to check your suitability for different treatments, to discuss your needs and expectations and to offer you treatments and prices based on your individual circumstances.

We will offer you a detailed treatment plan along with a transparent run-down of time and costs involved. If you decide to proceed, we will invite you for an appointment for impressions to be taken. We then build a model of your teeth made which helps us create the perfect treatment template for your individual requirements, so that your teeth can be straightened as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.

After fitting of your new braces, we will invite you back for regular reviews and adjustments until the desired results are achieved and your beautiful straight smile is complete!

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