NHS Teeth Straightening in Surbiton

At Confidental Orthodontics in Surbiton we offer NHS orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment to help patients correct dental issues which cause the teeth to be problematic aesthetically or functionally.

Patients seeking NHS orthodontic treatment may have teeth that:

  • Are misaligned or crooked
  • Are protruding
  • Are overcrowded
  • Are stuck under the gum
  • Are missing
  • Are problematic to bite together

Orthodontic systems are used to improve or correct these issues, which helps with the appearance of the smile, but also helps to prevent the person damaging their teeth and improve their dental health and self esteem!

Who Is Suitable For Orthodontics?

All children under 18 years will be assessed free of charge under the NHS and if eligible under strict government guidelines, then they the orthodontic treatment can be provided free of charge on the NHS. If you need help to get an idea of how the NHS might view your eligibility for treatment, you can find out more information on the British Orthodontic Website regarding the IOTN (Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need) system that is used to grade treatment.

  • Usually definitive treatment will only be started after all of the child's adult teeth have come through, which tends to be at age 12 or after. But occasionally interceptive treatment is required in children under the age of 10.

If you need or want orthodontic treatment and you are an adult, it is unlikely that you can get it done through the NHS, however, there is some leeway for approval on a case by case basis but only where it is for health, not aesthetics. In most instances, an adult would need to pay privately for their orthodontic treatment. All adults over the age of 18 years will be assessed for a minimal fee and then given their treatment options and costs.

The Different Types Of Orthodontic Treatment

On the NHS, Stainless Steel braces are provided and these are the most popular braces worn by children and can have coloured elastic ties for a bit of fun! They are worn on the front surface of your teeth, are easy to fit and comfortable to wear.
Functional braces are sometimes required in addition to the fixed braces to help correct the bite. These are usually removable braces with blocks on them to help posture the jaw and move the teeth.

Privately there are several other options as well. Ceramic braces are tooth coloured low profile brackets that are also on the front of the teeth but are more discreet but also comfortable to wear. 

Hidden lingual braces are fixed braces that are fully customised to your mouth and are are fitted on the inside of the teeth. Patients that opt for these often say that friends and family have never noticed their brace!

Invisalign clear aligners are customised clear trays that are metal free. They are removable and almost invisible.

If you are paying privately for your orthodontic treatment, after a detailed consultation and assessment, we can discuss your individual situation and needs and provide an estimate. We can offer you information on traditional braces, as well as on some of our cosmetic adult orthodontics if they are suitable for your needs. In all cases you can be assured that we will remain transparent with all of the costs and time involved in different options that are available to you.


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