Retainers are the most important part of your treatment. They can be fixed or removable and they help maintain the position of your teeth after treatment is complete. As skin and hair age with time, so do teeth and so trying to keep them in the same position can be difficult! Wearing your retainers as your orthodontist or dentist has instructed will increase your chances of your smile and bite staying the same.
Key benefits of wearing a retainer include:

  • Protecting newly straightened teeth
  • Preventing teeth moving back to their original positions
  • Keeping a new, straight smile looking beautiful
  • Helping you avoid having to have orthodontic treatment again

Patients who have invested a lot of time and money into their teeth straightening treatments want the results to last and so commit to wearing a retainer after the initial treatment has ended. 

Fixed Retainers & Removable Retainers

A fixed retainer is a thin discreet wire glued to the inside of your front 6 teeth. It is flexible enough to allow natural movement of your teeth while chewing but sturdy enough to maintain the alignment of your teeth. Once it has been fitted you will forget it is even there, but what is important to remember is to clean well around it using interdental brushes or superfloss. You will be shown how to do this on the day it is fitted.

In addition to the fixed retainer a removable retainer is usually used. Removable retainers are clear plastic or acrylic with a wire attached to sit on the front surface of the front 6 teeth.
It is usually advised that the removable retainers are worn full time at first at then reduced to night time wear only. Removable retainers are removed for eating and brushing and sports and must be kept in a box to prevent to prevent them breaking.

They can be cleaned with a simple tooth brush and soap and water and can be soaked regularly in cleaning solution designed for braces or dentures.

You will be advised on the best option for your individual needs during follow up appointments at Confidental Clinic in Surbiton

Retainer Maintenance

Regular dental visits are an important part of maintaining your teeth after orthodontic treatment. Retainers, whether fixed or removable, will need maintenance appointments too, in order to check the teeth are healthy, to clean the teeth and generally to check that all is well.

The retainer will be checked during this time, to see if it is in the right place, and that there is no plaque build-up around any areas bonded to the teeth.


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