Six Month Smiles - beautiful, straight teeth quickly and discreetly here in Surbiton!

The Six Month Smiles braces system uses clear brackets and wires that blend in with the colour of your teeth, making them very discreet to wear. It also focuses on straightening the visible “social six” teeth at the front of the mouth and is very fast acting when compared to other teeth straightening systems.

The key benefits of an innovative system like Six Month Smiles are:

  • A quick and convenient treatment time of 6 months; often less
  • The brackets and wires seamlessly blend in with your smile, so they can barely be seen
  • Six Months Smile has a predictable result, so you know what to expect at the end
  • Advanced design makes for a comfortable patient experience

Here at Confidental Surbiton we are taking an increasing number of enquiries for this innovative, fast-acting treatment enabling people to enjoy a beautiful result, discreetly and in just 6 months or less.

What Is Six Month Smiles And How Does It Work?

‘Six Month Smiles’ is a highly advanced system developed to enable gentle repositioning of the teeth, using a discreet and minimally visible set of brackets and wires. The system works by moving the ‘social six’ teeth i.e. the teeth at the front that we show when we smile.
Another key benefit of Six Month Smile is the fact that it is nothing like wearing traditional braces; patients love it because it is discreet, it doesn't really affect things like speech and eating in the same way as traditional braces, and it takes much less time to work!

A Focus On A Beautiful Smile!

Cosmetic teeth straightening is something that we offer at Confidental Surbiton because we understand that many people are looking for a cosmetic solution to a specific dental problem. Whereas traditional braces correct issues like bite and jaw position, cosmetic teeth straightening is really just about correcting the teeth that are seen when you smile. The focus on cosmetic enhancement means that the treatment is a lot more discreet, and a lot quicker too!

Getting Started On Your Journey To A Beautiful Smile

If you are interested in getting your teeth straightened with our Six Month Smile System, or any of our other cosmetic teeth straightening treatments, the first step is a thorough assessment with our experienced team.

During this assessment we discuss your desired outcome and we perform diagnostics such as X-rays, together with an examination of the mouth to check your suitability. We will then suggest treatments that are suitable for you and provide you with a transparent description of time and costs involved.

Following agreement of a treatment plan, we will then schedule you in for another appointment where impressions of your teeth will be taken. Using these impressions we make models of your teeth and then create the various components for your personalised brace, such as the bespoke brackets and wires. These are all fitted together using the unique template created for your teeth, ensuring that the system will provide you with rapid and effective teeth straightening.

As you’d expect, we will also invite you back for regular reviews until the desired result is achieved and you are left with a beautiful, straight smile!

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